The Methods Of Personalizing A Bowling Ball

Custom made bowling balls from a technical perspective

Previously I have discussed all the reasons why people want or may want a custom made bowling ball and of course the reasons are many. This time around, however, I would like to get into more details as to how this customization can possibly happen and what are the depths of each customization. Today’s custom made bowling balls can look indeed amazing! Let’s learn some of the core techniques of creating a personalized bowling ball down below:

Painting Techniques

This is when the base color of the bowling ball is done. This is a very special sort of painting as it must keep the ball shiny, durable and also has to create an impeccably smooth surface. This is the very base of creating a custom made bowling ball, so this is where it all starts.

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Playing with the Surface

Although I have written about the importance of the smooth surface above, there is a new customization trend now in the world of bowling: to make bowling balls look like other balls with a changed type of surface: the best example being the golf ball.

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Printing Techniques

There are specific printing techniques today that are used on bowling balls. This is to print a theme with a frame (with chosen text, font type, font size, and chosen logo or picture or photo). These prints can be semi –to very durable so one can use a bowling ball for over a period of months before this starts fading. Today, it’s fashionable to ask for a double printing, to give both sides of a ball a different theme.

The Methods Of Personalizing A Bowling Ball

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Engraving Techniques

Engraving is a more serious process by which a script or even a logo can be technically engraved on the bowling ball. This is currently the best way to make a custom made bowling ball that will endure for years if not decades. The reason for this is that engraving is basically like a tattoo, it’s a deeper tissue stimulation, therefore what’s engraved and so will it stay.

3D Techniques – using plastic cover stock

This is the latest and hottest technology today and this will surely last! These custom bowling balls look just awesome! If you want your ball looking like it has dice in it or that it’s the head of a person? You can get it done without a problem.

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Adding Handicaps

This is an area that is not that much taken into consideration but these handicaps have key importance in making bowling an enjoyable game for those who have physical, mental handicaps or who are too young or too elderly to be able to throw the ball the traditional way.

These were some of the techniques one can think of when it comes to custom bowling balls. Check out each site offering this service, browse through their photos, then you can make a clear picture as to who is offering what and on the price ranges as well. Good luck in getting your first custom made bowling ball done.

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