Lining Up

Lining up for strikes and spares, we will use the information from the last article covering arrows and dots. For the right-handed bowler let us start with the ten board on the approach. As we discussed the approach with five dots on it, the first one on the right-hand side will be ten board. If there are seven dots on the approach then it will be the second from the right-hand side. Center your feet with the ten board and pick your target as the ten board on the lanes.

This will be the second arrow from the right on the lanes. Let us discuss the pins and their numbers as a reference for lining up to attack the pocket. (The one three for right-handed bowlers and the one-two for left-handed bowlers.)

The pins are numbered as follows:

  1. The first pin is the closest to you in front of the rack is number
  2. The first pin to the left of the headpin is number 2
  3. The first pin to the right of the headpin is number 3
  4. The second pin to the left of the headpin is number 4
  5. The pin directly behind the headpin is number 5
  6. The second pin to the right of the headpin is number 6
  7. The farthest pin to the left is number 7
  8. The pin directly behind the number 4 is the 8 pin
  9. The pin directly behind number 6 is the 9 pin
  10. And last but least the farthest pin to the right is the 10 pin

Roll your ball over the second arrow as a starting point to see where the ball hits the pins. If the ball hits the three-pin, not touching the headpin then you need to make an adjustment. Keeping your target at the second arrow just move your feet one board to the right, then roll another ball to see where it hits the pins. If it barely hit the headpin then you can move another board to the right with your feet. Right-handed bowlers need to hit the pocket between the number 1 pin and the number 3 pin.

If your first ball hits the headpin to the left side near the 1 and 2 pins then you will have to adjust your feet. The adjustment will be one board at a time to the left.  Instead of centering your feet with the ten board dot you will move to board number eleven and center your feet there. This will help you line up to the one three pockets and give you the proper angel to roll strikes. The left-handed bowlers will center up with the last dot to the left on a five dot approach. The next to last dot on the left on a seven dot approach. Using the second arrow on the lanes as a target. In the next article, we will cover lane conditions, from oily to medium condition and dry lanes.

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