Lane Conditions

Let us take a look at lane conditions, there are many different kinds of lane conditions. The P.B.A. has five main oil patterns, Shark, Scorpion, Cameleon, Viper, and Cheetah. Each has there own characteristics and play quite differently. The Shark is oiled down to 44 feet, the Scorpion is oiled to 41 feet, the Cameleon is oiled to 39 feet, the Viper is oiled to 37 feet and the Cheetah is oiled to 35 feet.  The Major’s Patterns consisting of 41 feet of oil and they are the P.B.A. Denny’s World Championship, P.B.A. Regional Players Championship, and the P.B.A.

Regional Invitational. The P.B.A. Tournament of Champions is 50 feet of oil, the US Open is 40 feet and the USBC Masters is 39 feet of oil.  The Regional Tour Patterns and there are five, #1 at 40 feet, #2 at 36 feet, #3 at 38 feet, #4 at 42 feet, and #5 at 44 feet. The Regional Senior Patterns and there are also five of them, #1 at 37 feet, #2 at 44 Feet, #3 at 41 feet, #4 at 39 feet, and #5 at 35 feet.  Last but least are the Senior US Open at 41 feet and it has five more patterns, #1 at 37 feet, #2 at 44 feet, #3 at 41 feet, #4 at 39 feet, and #5 at 35 feet.

This covers twenty-seven patterns at the tournament level. And just because you see that some of the distances are the same don’t be fooled, the oil is disbursed differently on the patterns and no two will play the same.

A typical league pattern is 38 feet in most bowling establishments. Let us simplify all of these patterns for now and then at a later date we will discuss the patterns in detail. For now will look at three-lane conditions, oily, medium oil, and dry lanes. This will cover almost all conditions you will face on a day to day basis. On the oily lane condition, you will want to attack the pins from the right-hand side of the lanes, (right-handed bowlers.)

The left-handed bowler will want to attack the pins from the left side.  Right-handed bowlers centering their feet at ten board and their target at seven on the lanes. Left-handed bowlers will center their feet at ten board which is the right-handed bowlers thirty board. And use the seven board as a target for left-handed bowlers, being the right-handed bowler’s thirty-three board. For medium oil lane conditions, right-handed bowlers will center their feet at twenty board, (center of the lane.) And use twelve board as a target.

The left-handed bowler will also use twenty board for their feet and twelve board as the target, right-handed bowlers twenty-eight board. For dry lane conditions, the right-handed bowler will center their feet at thirty board and use seventeen boards as their target. Left-handed bowlers will use the same boards to line up but remember their board count starts from left to right. This will cover the basic lane conditions for most any bowling establishment, giving you an idea of where to play the lanes to maximize your scores.

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