How Often Should You Bake A Bowling Ball

Let us learn about baking a bowling ball and how often should you bake a bowling ball.

Why Bake A Bowling Ball

Purchasing a fresh bowling ball is rather an investment nowadays! Today’s new resin cover stocks demand a whole lot more care compared to plastic, rubber or urethane cover stocks of yesteryear.

Due to the massive quantity of hook potential these balls produce, they’re more prone to the absorption of petroleum to the cover stocks as well as picking up residue or dirt in the lane surface. Cleaning, refreshed coating, cleaning, and baking are common terms you have to get acquainted with.

According to a USBC study, it’s reported a bowling ball can and will begin to drop response following 7-14 games. This means for you is that so as to continue to acquire the best ball response out of the fresh ball, it needs to be washed and the surface polished or sanded back to its preferred end then 7-14 games.

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How Often Should You Bake A Bowling Ball

Bowling balls that might want to be washed or refreshed following the 7-14 games have a tendency to not hook up to the backend and might appear to hit flat rather than take pins! You might realize that some bowling balls begin to eliminate reaction sooner than many others. By way of instance, a matte finish (coated) bowling balls may often eliminate reaction quicker than a glistening finished (polished) ball.

Following a chunk has 30-60 games onto it, and just refreshing the surface does not appear to function, resurfacing or coconut it ought to make it back to life.

A different means to make a petroleum soaked ball to life would be to get it baked (not on your oven, if you don’t desire a scorched bowling ball for salmon supper). Many expert shops have machines that are specially created for bowling balls known as Rejuvenator or even Reviver. These machines use pliers to rotate the bowling ball at a specified temperature for a particular time period and inhale the oil from the chunk.

Other ball upkeep items you need to consider include: Throughout your league session, then use a microfiber towel to wash off your ball after each shot. Clean your bowling ball following every bowling session using a USBC accepted cleaner. Do not allow your chunk to sit for lengthy intervals at precisely the exact same place, even at room temperature. It may crack!

Below are some questions asked in regards to this.

How long should a bowling ball last?

The duration in which a balling ball lasts depends on the kind of ball. Research shows that the lifespan of a ball depends on the money you spend on it, the less money you spend the lesser the lifespan of the ball. This implies that a little expenditure on the maintenance of your bowling ball is essential to its lifespan. The actual standard time of a bowling ball ranges between 200 to 300 games maximum.

Well, maintenance of the bowling ball can also be a key towards a longer lifespan of it, this includes resurfacing the lane and also cleaning the ball frequently.

The lifespan of a bowling ball also depends on the type of resin the manufacturer uses in the ball. This resin if not removed on a regular basis can result in a lesser lifespan of a bowling ball. It’s therefore advised that you clean regularly your bowling balls for a longer lifespan.

The ball cover and the rate of oil absorption is also essential and determines the lifespan of a bowling ball, the ball cover and the rate of Absorption vary depending on the type of ball, hence you are advised to purchase a standard, quality bowling ball for a longer lifespan.

Can I put my bowling ball in the dishwasher?

The bowling ball lasts longer if kept clean. You are advised to frequently put the bowling ball in a dishwasher. First, place the bowling ball at the bottom end of the dishwasher rack. Secondly using a washing detergent that has bleaching content in it run the dishwashing cycle once.

It’s advised that when running the cycle on the second round you should first give time for the ball to cool down before running it once more.

While putting the bowling ball on the dishwasher you are not supposed to put any soap into the dishwasher.

While using a dishwasher there are certain precaution you need to observe;

  • Do not use the dryer cycle of the dishwasher.
  • Ensure all holes on the ball are covered.
  • No water should enter the hole and if it happens to leak clean it dry using a microfiber towel.

How does oil affect a bowling ball?

Oiling plays a big role in the whole bowling ball game. The oil patterns affect the reaction of the ball as it goes down the lane. Oil is used to protect the lane surface oil is therefore applied on the surface. Failure to put oil on the surface will result in bowling ball hitting the lane, beginning to spark hence leaving a burnt mark and later exploding in the gutter.

During oil application in the surface lane, one should apply much more oil in the middle of the lane as compared to the outside lane this allows more “hook” from the outside of the lane to the pocket.

Oil plays an important role in the bowling ball game.

Can you use Windex to clean a bowling ball?

Windex can be used to clean a bowling ball, this was approved after research by the US bowling congress.

Cleaning is procedural:

  • First, you keep a reasonable amount of water in a bucket or your storage of desire.
  • Mix with an equal amount of Windex commonly referred to as SG
  • Using a microfiber towel soak a little of it on the mixture and rub it on the parts of the ball at a time to completion.
  • Then lastly, using a dry towel wipe the ball.

After carrying out the whole process the ball should be clean and also it should have regained a similar reaction as it moves along the lane just like it had been initially.

Can you clean a bowling ball with rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is good in cleaning bowling ball because it removes dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Alcohol acts as a disinfectant and also a sterilizer.

During cleaning using rubbing alcohol the following should be observed:

  • First, have the following: simple green, rubbing alcohol and water.
  • Take equal amounts of all the required content, thereafter mix them in a spray bottle.
    You are advised to use a spray bottle because it makes work easier and it’s more efficient.
  • Spray the content around the bowling ball gently.
  •  And on finishing, using a microfiber towel dry the ball.

Alcohol is considered effective in cleaning the bowling ball because it removes a built-up layer of oil making the ball more effective and allows the ball to regain its reaction as it moves along the surface lane.

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